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Lost in France? Our hometown fails to recognise its twin….










Embattled Lethmachen council have taken another hit with the very public collapse of their much vaunted plan to ‘twin’ Lethmachen with a town in France. Delegates from L’Arasquet-sur-Cèle were due to arrive last Saturday. A banner depicting both town crests had been constructed, local musicians were to play songs connected to the area, and a variety of locally produced food was ready for consumption. Happy harmony was not forthcoming, however, as a gratifyingly large crowd waited in vain for the mayor of L’Arasquet-sur-Cèle and his entourage. After two hours, the food was distributed and the people of Lethmachen dispersed.

No official announcement has been made, but our contact at Shire Hall has revealed the increasingly desperate attempts to contact officials from the French town that morning, and the strange discovery that resulted. When contact by phone produced only an automated message stating that the number was not recognised, and emails went unanswered, one council worker looked to a map to identify possible obstructions to travel. L’Arasquet-sur-Cèle was not to be found.

We have checked this out ourselves, and can confirm that, from a cartographical point of view, the town does not exist. There is one major site dedicated to L’Arasquet-sur-Cèle online, but, even taking into account the limits of our GCSE French, and the vagaries of electronic translation, it is a somewhat strange and amateurish thing. Are we to believe that no one checked a map prior to the intended meeting? Perhaps. But, it seems to us, there are other, equally disturbing, possibilities…


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