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Every Society Breeds The Ghosts It Deserves….

Lethmachen is the most haunted town in England.

 We should know. We have lived here all our lives.

 Yet you have probably never heard of Lethmachen. The town is never mentioned in any book or on any website dedicated to the paranormal.

 This does not mean that Lethmachen is not haunted, it means that people here are afraid to talk.

  A conspiracy of silence? We say ‘Always watch the quiet ones!’

 The purpose of this site is to document the supernatural phenomena of Lethmachen, both contemporary and historical.


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Where have all the ghost times gone?


Have you noticed the recent lull in supernatural activity in what I, for one, have always been proud to call ‘the most haunted town in England’?  The Party of the Fields and Trees are ever more deep in frenzied activity, of course, but when was the last time anyone saw a proper no nonsense ghost?

I have a theory.

Today, I was walking in the town centre: the A-Store is expanding, and I think I counted an extra pound shop, but the general trend is towards closure, 15 shop-fronts on the high street alone are boarded up, and the number increases on the little roads leading out. As I looked around, it brought to mind ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials. I can’t be alone in finding myself humming that song of late. This time I was struck by something I hadn’t noticed before, a tension that had previously eluded me. Why, in the song, is Coventry a ghost town? Is it a real place haunted by its past? Or is it a haunted place itself, a shadow of a prior reality? What is doing the haunting? To reformulate: is it that the town is no longer here, what remaining being a mere ghost of what once truly was?  Or is what is haunting the town the ghosts of a golden age: ‘bands don’t play no more’. Reality, as it is experienced now, is something of a different order: ‘people getting angry’. The ghosts are not getting angry in this way, because they are the ghosts of past content.

Coventry, in this reading, is a ghost town because it is not now a town of ghosts. The ghosts are out of step with the town. It is not now their place, and that this is precisely the condition of the ghost.

Counter to this, my suspicion is that the ghosts of Lethmachen, whatever they are, are only too at home here, with the shut up shops, the general air of defeat. They are – perhaps – the spirits of this place, not only of the loss that in some part constitutes it, but of the very present moment of despair. Lethamchen is a ghost town. And that is why the ghosts are not out and about. They are the mice within our skirting.

The ghosts will – I hope – appear to us once more when the possibility of hope returns, when we can more fully articulate the loss we have experienced. At that time, the ghosts – now half of gold – will find themselves torn between places. Only then may the horror return.

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